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Digital Ocean and a Discord Bot

Digital Ocean and a Discord Bot

March 31, 2017

If anyone has ever used NadekoBot, you know that its great. But you know what could make it even better? Being 24/7.

Ok so its fairly simple if you follow the guide, but I quickly ran into a problem. When I would end the ssh session, the bot would shutdown. I tried a few things, the first being: make a new user, run the bot there, then switch users leaving the old one logged in. However that didn’t really work either as all users were logged out when I ended the ssh session. So next I moved on to try tmux, and to my surprise it actually worked!

1) So to get started you’re just gonna type tmux new -s nadeko
2) After that you just start Nadeko normally with bash
3) Once the bot is running and configured as you would like, type ctrl+b then d. This detaches the process from the current user and allows it to keep running when you logout.

If you want to reattach your bot you just type tmux attach -t nadeko and you’ll be right back to the bot. Personally I have mine setup to reboot and update every night at midnight, however if you wanted to do that manually this is an easy way to.

EDIT: Instructions have also been added to the docs here.