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April 26, 2017: My Adventures with Linux

I love Linux, but there are so many different distributions. So how can I know if my current one is my favorite if I don’t try them all? Well I hopped distros quite often, starting with Mint 17 a couple years ago. After awhile I got tired of some packages being more out of date than other distros, so I moved to Fedora 25 and loved it! The only problem, finding .rpm packages instead of .deb. For the most part I had what I wanted, and what I couldn’t find was usually available on RPM Fusion, but still I felt limited by Fedora’s packages only including open source software. So I kept looking, with 3 things in mind:

March 31, 2017: Digital Ocean and a Discord Bot

If anyone has ever used NadekoBot, you know that its great. But you know what could make it even better? Being 24/7.